In Good Company

Many of our clients give us 5-star reviews across the board, here are some of them.

Meet Our References

Since opening our doors in 1998, this list of long-standing clients that recommend us continues to grow year after year. Thanks to their repeat business, so does the EMI Guide Rail team. We're happy to provide references, contacts, and project details related to the clients below upon request.

Clients That Recommend Us

  • NYS Department of Transportation
  • NYS Thruway Authority
  • A. Colarusso & Sons, Inc.
  • Arold Construction, Inc.
  • A. Servidone Inc.
  • Badger Machinery, Inc.
  • Barrett Paving Materials Inc.
  • Bast Hatfield, Inc.
  • BBL Construction Services, Inc.
  • Bette & Cring, LLC
  • Bothar Construction LLC
  • Callanan Industries, Inc.
  • Carver Construction, Inc.
  • Cashless Tolling Constructors, LLC
  • CCI Companies, Inc.
  • C.D. Perry & Sons, Inc.
  • Central Paving, Inc.
  • CFR Paving, Inc.
  • Charles Gaetano Construction
  • Cobleskill Stone Products, Inc.
  • Crane-Hogan Structural Systems, Inc.
  • D.A. Collins Construction Company Inc.
  • DelSignore Blacktop Paving
  • D.H. Smith
  • ECCO III Enterprises
  • Economy Paving, Inc.
  • Edward & Thomas O'Connor, Inc.
  • Elderlee, Inc.
  • ELQ Industries/Etre Construction
  • Fahs Construction Group
  • F.H. Alexander
  • G. DeVincentis Construction
  • Gallo Construction
  • Galusha & Sons, LLC
  • Halmar International/A. Servidone, JV
  • Hanson Aggregates NY Inc.
  • Harrison & Burrowes Bridge Constructors
  • Hudson Valley Bridge
  • ING Civil, Inc.
  • Jersen Construction Group
  • J.E. Sheehan Contracting Corp.
  • James H. Maloy Inc.
  • Kubricky Construction Corp.
  • L & T Construction
  • Lancaster Development Group
  • Lane Construction
  • LeChase Construction Services, LLC
  • Luck Brothers, Inc.
  • Marcy Excavation Services, LLC
  • McNamee Construction
  • M. Sullivan Construction
  • New Castle Paving, LLC
  • New Century Construction, LLC
  • Peckham Industries/Peckham Road Corp.
  • Peter Luizzi & Bros. Contracting, Inc.
  • Piasecki Steel Construction Co.
  • Pike Construction
  • Power & Construction Group
  • Power Line Construction
  • Prime Highway Contractors, LLC
  • Reale Construction Company Inc.
  • Rifenburg Construction, Inc.
  • Rifenburg Contracting Corp.
  • Sealand Contractors, Corp
  • Slate Hill Constructors, Inc.
  • Stilsing Electric Co., Inc.
  • Suit-Kote
  • Sullivan County Paving & Construction, Inc.
  • The Wesson Group, LLC
  • Tilcon New York, Inc.
  • Tioga Construction Corp.
  • Vector Construction Corp.
  • Volmar Construction, Inc.
  • Winn Construction Services, Inc.
  • WM. J. Keller & Sons
  • W.M. Schultz Construction
  • Yonkers Contracting Corp.

Examples Of Our Work Together

Harrington Road Bridge, Warren Co.

Ornamental Railing, Village Of Oneida, Madison Co.

Timber Railing, Port Of Albany

Client Feedback

I have always been 100% satisfied with EMI Guide Rail's work. It's efficient and the principals give each project their full attention, both in the field and with the paperwork. I recommend EMI to everyone looking for a quality contractor.

- Jeff Hanlon Of Slate Hill Constructors, Inc.

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